The Sandwich Corner Market has been a long time in the making. I always knew I wanted to open a neighborhood restaurant where my love of world flavors could be molded together with the freshest ingredients to make something exciting.

The Sandwich Corner Market is inspired by things I have learned working with some amazing people over many years in all sorts of kitchens. But the Sandwich Corner Market isn't only mine. It belongs to our enthusiastic staff, who share in our success. It belongs to the local purveyors ranging from multi-generational family businesses, small start-ups, artisanal bakers to regional farmers. And it belongs to you, our neighbors, without whom the Sandwich Corner Market would not be possible.

At the Sandwich Corner Market, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will find classic sandwiches and salads, sometimes with a whimsical twist, plus a rotating selection of seasonal foods with world and ethnic influences and, of course yummy treats.

So, whether you are craving one of our sandwiches, need dinner for the family, ingredients for a meal you are cooking, a cookie to make the day a little sweeter or just a place to use the bathroom, stop in and say hi.

– Evan